Save up to 75% off your telephony costs...

If you make a large number of calls within the UK, make international calls, have more than one school building or call other people with VoIP enabled phones, then substantial cost savings can be made by using VoIP, typically up to 75%. A true VoIP service requires a good broadband connection, including good upload speeds. If your broadband connection cannot be improved then you can still take advantage of VoIP internally and install an ISDN gateway for external calls.



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Why buy “off the shelf” Broadband when you can get a Tailored Education Broadband that is faster, filtered and less expensive?

As the Internet continues to play a pivotal and ever increasing role in the education of students, the demand for a safe, secure and responsive Education Broadband solution has become a necessity.

Combining fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth and innovative technology with BECTA approved web filtering and essential threat protection an OIS School Broadband package is tailor made for the Education sector.

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