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Servers and Storage

Oakford is an OEM hardware manufacturer of PCs, servers and high availability data storage equipment. These products are manufactured and supplied to a wide range of customers including blue chip organisations, banks, schools and small businesses. Oakford prides itself on sourcing only the best available components for all hardware builds. In addition to OEM builds we also have strong partnerships with a defined list of other manufacturers which ensure we can provide the very best, tried and tested education solutions at fantastic prices.

Oakford OEM Computers

Ranging from tower PCs, to small form factor PCs, Oakford is able to supply an OEM computer for your school at a fantastic price. Using only best of breed components from Intel and Seagate, we are proud to apply our Oakford leaf badge to each and every machine.

Microsoft Partner

Computer Hardware

As a partner with manufacturers such as Microsoft, Apple, HP and Acer, Oakford is able to provide a defined range of products that have been tried and tested in an education environment by us, thus ensuring you will receive a proven working solution. This applies to a range of hardware including PCs, laptops, tablets, printers, monitors and accessories.

Trusted Supplier

We are already a trusted supplier to over 1000 UK schools and pride ourselves on high levels of professionalism, customer service and above all excellent value. Why not try us for your next Educational IT purchase?