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Why do my users require remote access?

Some users take advantage of remote access facilities more than others, however everyone will appreciate the service being available during certain times of the year. For example, during school holidays staff can remotely access required files rather than drive to school, finance staff may require focused time working from home on items such as budgeting. Furthermore, administrative users could continue to work from home when the school is closed unexpectedly.

Remote Desktop Gateway (RDGW)

A RDGW solution provides your users with secure access to a hosted Microsoft desktop from any Internet connected location. Staff and students connect using their existing school username and password and will gain access to school files and all shared areas that they are usually permitted to use, for example “staff shared” drive, SLT drive, home folders etc. Users will also have access to school owned software such as Microsoft Word, Excel or even the school management system. They will have the ability to print to the school printers from their remote location.

Remote file only access

If you do not require the ability to print or use hosted applications, an alternative to full RDGW is remote file access. This facility allows users to log in to a school branded web portal to gain access to their files and shared resources from any Internet enabled location. Users still authenticate using their existing school username and password and gain access to their files and all shared areas they are permitted to use. Staff and students are able to download and upload files using the web portal drag and drop facility.

Remote Desktop Gateway for Education

Do I need a reliable connection?

Yes. To host any service from your school you need a reliable broadband solution. Depending on the intended use and number of concurrent users you do not necessarily need a “super fast” broadband connection.

Is it secure?

Yes. The service is secured using an SSL certificate and it requires a school username and password to access the system. The school can set the level of access available for each user or group

How will I train my users?

Oakford will provide training and full documentation for your school to distribute to users, enabling the solution be rolled out with little effort from school leaders.