Remote Location Internet

Rural Broadband Specialists

Don’t allow your rural setting to determine your broadband speed.
Our unique OIS bonding technology will allow even the most remote site to achieve a great broadband connection.

ICT Lesson Support

E-Safe School Broadband

Our filtered School Broadband Solutions are both BECTA and IWF approved.

System Rescue

Not Just Another ISP

Unlike many ISPs, our job doesn’t stop at installing a broadband line. Our experienced team can also assist with Firewall Configuration, Email Migrations, Active Directory Integration and more.

Education Fibre Optic

Enterprise Fibre Optic Broadband

Using a range of multi class fibre solutions from an array of approved telcos we are able to provide the fastest broadband speeds available to the UK.

As the Internet continues to play a pivotal and ever increasing role in the education of students, the demand for a safe, secure and responsive Education Broadband solution has become a necessity.

Combining fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth and innovative technology with BECTA approved web filtering and essential threat protection an OIS School Broadband package is tailor made for the Education sector.

Fast, safe and reliable. Three key components of a good school Internet connectivity package…

Getting the correct broadband connection is an essential element of your school’s broadband provision. If you are not sure which connection is right for your school, our experienced consultants will be able to determine the best options available to you. We are able to provide connections from a number of approved providers including BT and Virgin Media, with connections up to 1000Mbps.

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