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On-Site Audit

With an Oakford ICT System Audit, you will get an in depth view of your entire solution with recommendations for improvement where appropriate. A consultant will visit your school, investigate all of the ICT infrastructure from cabling through to switches, servers and wireless network equipment but will also gather information from key members of staff, observe ICT lessons and check the performance of key services such as the school broadband connection, email system and school management information system.


Following the on-site audit a full, detailed report will be created highlighting any problem areas with proven recommendations for improvement. Furthermore budgetary figures will be produced for any suggested improvements, along with any pre-requisites. An additional on-site meeting can be booked to allow key school members to discuss the report with the consultant.

Implementation & Support

If you require further services to implement the recommendations, you will need to look no further. Oakford provide full system installation services and an array of support services that will help you achieve your ICT goals.