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If you’re tired of ongoing IT issues at school…why not eliminate them all in one with an Oakford School IT System?

Using over 20 years of education IT experience we have created a golden Microsoft solution which can be implemented at your school. Simply talk to one of our consultants, decide the best solution and then agree to end user personalisation that suits your school and we will take care of the rest. Having successfully installed our solution in over 400 schools why not contact us for a free evaluation of your current IT system to see if you qualify for an “Out of The Box” School IT system.

  • Clear and defined infrastructure designed with your input
  • Fully documented post installation staff guides
  • Dedicated on site support upon completion
  • Remove “plastic handcuffs” with our proven vanilla Microsoft solution.
  • Designed alongside schools our vanilla system is 80% ready to go “out of the box”.  The remaining 20% is down to your schools unique requirements. No mess. Fast turnaround. Perfect results.
  • Secure, automatic remote backup. No more backup tapes!
  • Secure remote access for all staff, even to the school management system
  • Speed up your whole network
  • Your network simplified, documented and labelled
  • 100% success rate
  • A chance to start again with your IT system

Infrastructure as a Service

What is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?

An Oakford managed IaaS solution offers a fixed cost to supply, manage and maintain your ICT infrastructure. This allows your on-site support technicians to dedicate their time to end users with the confidence that the core services “just work”.

Designed to cover the entire infrastructure, this ensures reliability, peace of mind and clear budget planning for the Business Manager without unpleasant surprises.

What can an IaaS cover?

The short answer is… anything from the core switch! However the most common items included within an IaaS agreement are:

• Core and edge network switches
• Managed wireless network equipment
• Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)
• Servers
• Storage appliances
• Backup & Disaster Recovery facilities

What will the school provide?

The school will need to provide a secure server room with sufficient power, network connectivity and air conditioning. The Oakford implementation team will deliver and set up all of the managed equipment.

Regular technology refresh

It is well known that using ICT equipment past its 3 year lifetime reduces system performance and availability. This is why Oakford will regularly replace all managed infrastructure hardware with new equipment, based on the latest suitable technology and carry out the migration to this new equipment for the school.

Why Oakford?

By choosing Oakford, you can rest assured that your infrastructure will be cared for by a group of professional, education focused specialists rather than a single technical resource. As ICT requires a vast range of skills, the Oakford technical team specialise in different areas ensuring that expert support is available for each part of your infrastructure.

Migration Services

The challenge…

Inherited a poor ICT system? Third party software controlling key parts of your network and holding your school back? Not sure where to start and do not have the resources to resolve and support your users at the same time? These are common concerns and can be the root of ongoing ICT issues within a school.

The solution…

Eliminate them all in one go with a clean, “vanilla” migration from Oakford. Combining Microsoft best practices and proven educational ICT experience we have created a golden Microsoft solution, which can be implemented at your school. Our professional, friendly and experienced consultants will work with you to ensure that your user experience is flawless.

Our vanilla ICT system

Remove expensive and sometimes superfluous ties from other providers by using our “vanilla” migration solution. We will leave you with a simple, proven and documented ICT system including great features such as remote backup, secure remote access, remote server monitoring, centralised updates and an online helpdesk.
We have successfully installed our solution in over 400 schools – why not contact us for an evaluation of your ICT system?

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